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The Rise and Fall of Pluto in the U.S.  – posted 11/10/16, updated when events come true.

Ovcrview: The fall of our democratic system will be replaced by an age of enlightenment. This sounds like a paradox, but our system has been corrupted and this loss will cause a new generation of light workers to rise up.

  • In a vision four days before the 2016 election, I saw a psychic storm in front of the Statue of Liberty, a whirlwind of battling forces. Emerging in the storm I saw a force that will operate until 2025 to 2028.
  • It was the symbol of Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld, God of authoritative power, God of death and ruler of the darkness, but also the ruler of the unconscious. Next to Pluto was a small flower, symbol of Springtime and the Greek Goddess Percephone.
  • In Greek mythology, Pluto stole Percephone, the Goddess of Springtime (symbolized as a flower) and carried her off to the underworld. Percephone, an innocent girl, represents kindness, caring, and life-affirming forces towards people, animals, and the earth. Pluto brings winter and darkness to our land, but he also takes us into the depths of our own unconscious desires that we must explore and bring to the surface in order to prevent them from ruling.
  • Pluto energy is in full force now, and, if our predictions are correct, it will dominate for another decade. It is a death spiral, a last hurrah of patriarchy that treats the earth and its inhabitants as separate, not as one, for private personal gain, rather than for the gain of all. The positive aspect of this death spiral is that it will cause us to evolve, and hasten the end of a system that has been unproductive and hurtful.. It will make way for a more life-affirming caring world.
  • True to the Greek myth, humanity will demand that Percephone be returned to earth, bringing back the spring, because, as in the Greek myth, her grieving mother Demeter, the goddess of the grains will bring famine to the land.  (Note: This prediction already started coming true in December 2017) with the femininist  “Me too” campaign.  The Demeter goddesses of our world, i.e., mature women, are speaking up to protect the Percephones of our world, i.e., young vulnerable women who were perpetrated upon by powerful men.)
  • These calamities will cause people to turn away from the old system and embrace a more life-affirming way of life. We have seen that climate devastation will hit harder during the mid 2020’s. Countries will pass laws banning the common use of fossil fuels, there will be a world wide rail system. People will scramble to adjust to the surge in heat. Many will migrate. See our positive predictions to determine how light workers are working feverishly to counteract these devastating events.
  • Throughout this time of winter, the seeds of spring are germinating below the frost, as more people are turning to a more humane and life-affirming way of life. Don’t despair or think that the direction our government has taken is a permanent state. It is not. Life always wins. True to the Greek myth, Percephone will be returned to us and springtime will come again.
  • Be one of the seeds, and you will find you are guided to safety. Embrace a more life-affirming style of living now and help lead the way for others. Spring will return in earnest in the mid to late 2020’s.

Long-range Visions

  • Something causes our country to change radically during late 2019 and 2020. In meditation I saw an image of lightening striking, followed by a symbol of rebirth. Check out the visions of this period and decide for yourself what the lightening strike will be. Some possibilities based african on our visions:
    • A recession in the U.S., in late 2019 or during 2020.
    • War on several fronts.
    • Climate and earth events that devastate pockets of the country: Plains state drought, repeated monster storms in the southeast, earthquakes in the west.
    • Whatever the lightening strike will be, the U.S. declines on the world stage.  The days of prosperity and world power will end.
    • The people lose confidence in central government leadership and the country’s divisiveness weakens it on the world stage.
  • After the lightening strike, people’s values change. Life and government in America becomes more locally oriented, with states and cities taking over from the federal government the role of caring for its people. People will turn away from the news hype and the hate, and turn towards their families and communities, sustainable living, local and farming, and living a quieter life.  The country will be poorer and the U.S. will lose power on the world stage.  My hope is that we will be happier than we were during the prosperity years.

U.S. Predictions

Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation

what he knows and what he is planning.   Indictments will begin rolling out July through September.  The GOP has concocted a scheme to muffle Mueller. They will not fire him if they can muffle him.  But if Mueller continues to bring Trump to justice, Trump and his politicians will take illegal steps to stop him.


  • Impeachment: No impeachment seen up ahead. We had a vision back in 2014 that the American president would come close to impeachment in 2018, but it would not be fulfilled.
    • In December 2017, there will be nationwide debate about what to do with the president.  (came true)
    • Then in January 2018 I saw a  thumb up which I took to mean that the Congress chose not to impeach or remove him. (came true)
  •  In 2018, the Congressional branch will see increased activity and then become even more dominant in 2020. (true as of this update – July 2018)
  • The GOP will continue to support Trump until supporting him begins to bring down the whole party. We have not seen him ever impeached.
  • Erik Prince. Watch out for the president’s close relationship with the disgraced Blackwater founder Erik Prince, brother to Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary. Prince has international ties that are counter to U.S. National Security. I am concerned about how his relationship with Trump could harm national security.  He could end out leading a false flag violent event to help Trump distract people from Mueller and even possibly declare Marshall Law.
  • Paul Manafort is ground zero in the Russia investigation. As I predicted in late 2016, he was indicted.  If they feel they can get away with protecting Trump without firing Mueller, the GOP will allow a scapegoat to be prosecuted as a way to convince the public that some justice is being done.
  • During this period in U.S. history, thousands of people will emerge as heroes, willing to protect their countrymen and women, fiercely protesting for human rights. Heroes will be borne. Perhaps one of them will be you. (Jeanne posted 2/28/17)

Great Lakes Region For two years I’ve had visions of this part of the country highlighted in maps as an area of future economic prosperity – because we are going to be in drought conditions for growing food, and the Great Lakes is the largest body of fresh water in the world. It is also inland, away from coasts where rising ocean waters are causing instability for cities and towns. (Jeanne 12/15/16)

Climate predictions (posted 9/16, recently updated 7/18)

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that climate change is happening and accelerating. Science has already shown that.  But science has been lagging in the timing of events. In 2010 I posted that climate events would happen much much faster than predicted. I saw 20 foot sea level rise on the eastern seaboard by 2100, and the desert conditions in the Midwest plains states by late 2020’s.  During the summer of 2012, I kept hearing the word “surge” in my head.  This means that we will start noticing climate events worldwide.

Once everyone starts noticing the surge, it may be too late to stop it from increasing much faster and more dramatically. We will get serious about reducing green house gas emissions by 2030. This may save the species but probably  not the majority of lives on earth.

We know that climate change is logarithmic not linear.  Again this is not psychic. It is science. When something progresses logarithmically, it is difficult to notice how fast it is increasing until it reaches a point where the change is big enough for us to start noticing. Once it gets large enough for common people to notice, it is getting too late to do anything except run.

Science has shown how much we have to cut greenhouse gases to survive.  But the GOP in the U.S. and the world’s rogue oligarchs, like Vladimir Putin and Charles Koch, are doing their best to keep greenhouse gases at record high levels. The oil and gas industry, these oligarchs,  and their puppet politicians will go down in history as the greatest rogues of our time, perhaps of all time.

I predicted a surge in 2016 and it happened — surge in surface temperatures, storms, forest fires, ocean expansion, and earthquakes due to ocean expansion.

In 2018 there will also be a surge in heat during July and August.  Polar melting will accelerate and we will see a spike in fires around the world. I had thought previously that the Arctic would be melted in 2018, but that has not happened so far, so perhaps the Arctic will be safe a while longer.  But I feel there will be a surge in glacial melting in both poles, as well as species death.

Climate change will force humanity to come into balance with nature. During the 2020’s, climate concerns will dominate the news and political focus.

More scientists will become politicians and help direct the national focus. During the 2030’s, laws will be passed in many places banning the burning of fossil fuels altogether. All fossil fuel use will be strictly limited to emergency efforts.

Sustainability will become the world’s highest priority. A global rail system will replace car and air travel. A tariff on goods transported by trucks and air will limit these industries to the most expensive goods and to essentials for remote areas. The devastation the climate will cause will  end  the abundance we have all grown accustomed to.

  • In the mid 2020’s the mid West succumbs to a permanent drought that ends this region’s ability to produce one-sixth of the world’s grain. [This prediction, made on this site in 2010, is now starting to come true– in 2017 that the mid West aquifer is running dry.]
  • In 2017 we will pass a global warming milestone, putting our world in the angels’ hands. [Note, this prediction has come true. Scientists now say that we are into Climate Change Runaway. This is a condition where the melting of permafrost is inevitable, which will release massive quantities of methane gas into the atmosphere.
  • The melting of the Antarctica ice sheets will escalate over the next decade in fits and starts sending surges in sea level rise that will prompt people to leave their coastal towns.
  • After 2050, there will be unprecedented starvation in parts of the world that are already living close to the margin as drought-driven crop failures fail to keep pace with population growth.
  • How these changes will affect the majority of people who read this blog is unclear but we are likely to see rising incidence of super storms, and a rise in food prices that has many people starting their own gardens, planting  fruit trees trees and even keeping small farm animals to manage food prices.
  • There will also be migration north and away from coasts.
  • There will be devastating storms that flood major cities and concerns about the climate will finally move to the front of people’s minds during the 2020’s.
  • Sea levels: I get the inner message that sea level rise is exponential, not linear, so small rises now will turn into large rises starting in about 20 years. Exactly what the exponent is, is still unknown, and of course, that will determine how fast it will escalate.
  • Cities will build sea walls and hurricane barriers, at great cost, to protect from the sea.
  • I see 20 foot sea level rise by end of century. In some hot spots, including the U.S. eastern seaboard, the seas will rise much higher. Even before the seas inundate the coasts, storms will make it impossible to live in many coastal cities.
  • Since my first vision of a 2017 surge, scientists announced that winter 2017  were suddenly up an unprecedented 36 degrees above normal – even while in total darkness. In the winter of 2018, again the Arctic temperatures soared to above freezing during the months of total darkness. Since the poles regulate global weather, this surge in temperatures will effect worldwide weather in 2018 and beyond, making our visions for a greater climate surge in 2018 likely. (2.17.17 Update: Manhattan-sized ice sheet breaks off and falls into the sea. In July 2017, an ice sheet the size of Delaware broke off). July 2018 update, a Greenland ice sheet half the size of Manhattan, broke off.

Drought: There will be a catastrophic drought in the Plains States in the mid to late 2020’s. Other food baskets around the world will be in trouble. Studies now show they expect many global aquifers to dry out by 2050. I feel it will happen much sooner. Food prices will skyrocket. Small farms and vegetable gardens will appear everywhere.

  • I see in my mind’s eye, miles of green houses to grow food in controlled environments. People will also grow food in their homes using technology to regulate moisture, temperature, and sunlight.

The Economy

  • The current highs in the stock market are like a cocaine high. If a person is depleted of energy, a shot of caffeine or cocaine can provide a burst of energy and euphoria. But a crash is inevitable.  In 2019 or 2020, the country experiences a downward spiral of some kind that affects the markets.  In the late 2020’s, the American collective’s strength and vigor returns, and this will be reflected in the economy. However, while the people are happier than during the dark days of 2019, the country remains much poorer than it used to be.

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