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What Defines a Bathroom Vanity?

Despite the general arrangement of most bathrooms, the vanity may not actually be what you think it is. For one, the faucets on the sink? They are not actually part of a bathroom vanity. Some bathroom vanities include the faucet with purchase, but many do not. Likewise, a mirror is not technically part of a bathroom vanity. Instead, a bathroom vanity is strictly the cabinet, countertop, and sink.

What Makes a Good Bathroom Vanity?

In terms of design, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question – quite literally. What makes a great bathroom vanity for a half-bath will not be the same qualities that are ideal for a master bathroom. That said, materials are often a good way of judging a bathroom vanity. Another aspect to consider is storage space.

How to Pick a Bathroom Vanity

With a surprising amount of variation between different bathroom vanities, it can be difficult to wade through them all to find the right one for you. That is why we have put together a list of the 10 best bathroom vanities, highlighting what each one fits best. Then we provide a helpful , so you can find the best bathroom vanity for your needs.

Best Bathroom Vanities of 2018

  Product Width, in Color Cabinet
Material Countertop
(Editor’s Choice) 24, 30, 36
42, 48, 60 Black
White Plywood Quartz Marble Check Price 24.6 White
Brown MDF - 36, 42
48, 60 Charcoal
White Solid Wood Marble 48, 72 White Hardwood
MDF Marble 16 White Pressed Wood - 24 Black MDF - 72 Brown Hardwood
MDF Travertine 24, 26, 36
42, 46, 60 Blue
Beige Birch Wood
Plywood Marble 42 Brown Birch Wood Granite 48, 60
72, 84 White Solid Oak Quartz

Simpli Home Chelsea ReviewSimpli Home does not focus quite so much on bathroom-related products exclusively like many of the other companies on our list, but they are able to still provide some unique offerings that are uncommon in the bathroom vanity market. For one,  this is the only product on our list that features the option of three different arrangements for the sink.  This bathroom vanity can feature the sink with the customary central arrangement, but the sink can also be purchased with either a right or left offset design.

This can provide either a unique style and design to a room that is often fairly basic or it can be used to accommodate a unique room structure on its own.

On top of the sink arrangements, this bathroom vanity also comes in 6 different sizes – the most on our list – which generally increase by 6” each step. This ability to fit in nearly any bathroom – including a 5’ model with dual sinks for a master bathroom – makes the Simpli Home Bathroom vanity by far the most versatile we reviewed.

In terms of material though, this bathroom vanity can be a bit hit or miss. As far as the top components of the bathroom vanity – the countertop and sinks – you can rest easy. The countertop is made from a quartz marble that is both durable as well as non-porous. The absence of pores will prevent the accumulation of bacterial and will also help prevent staining. Likewise, the vitreous china sink is durable and the vitreous enamel coating will help prevent stains and keep the porcelain shining.

Simpli Home Chelsea Series:


  • Comes in 6 different sizes
  • Only vanyty with sink offset options
  • Hygienic and durable quartz marble countertop
  • Durable vitreous china sink
  • Sink basin is large
  • Easy to install


  • Made of plywood
  • Drawers and doors do not line up
  • Drawer(s) are on the bottom

RunFine RFVA0069 ReviewThe RunFine RFVA0069 comes from a company that was founded in 2005 and specializes primarily in bathroom related products, though they do dabble a bit with indoor furniture as well. This bathroom vanity is clearly not designed to be well-suited for everyone’s needs. If you have a master bathroom in need of a vanity, you may want to keep looking since this bathroom vanity comes in only a single size.

That said, this is still an excellent option for a half-bathroom as its 2’ width will still provide plenty of room for the requisite toilet and even a small shelving unit or dresser if need be. Even better, the RunFine bathroom vanity features an integrated sink which further allows it to conserve space while still providing a surprisingly large and deep basin. Since the basin is connected, this means that the limited countertop space shares in the benefits of the sink’s manufacturing as well.

These benefits are multiple because the integrated sink is made out of vitreous china. This means that the sink itself is made from porcelain, a high-quality material in its own right. Still, going further, the porcelain is then coated in a protective enamel. This enamel not only provides additional strength to the porcelain, it also prevents staining and ensures a lustrous shine.

Since the entire vanity comes pre-assembled, it is fairly easy to install. Thanks to its compact profile, the RunFine comes in at a svelte 110 pounds which is significantly lighter than most of the other vanities we reviewed and could easily be moved by a single person with a dolly.

To top it all off, this bathroom vanity also features slow close drawers and doors for added safety.


  • One of the less expensive bathroom vanities
  • Easy to install
  • Slow close drawers and doors
  • Durable vitreous china sink
  • Integrated sink is convenient
  • Perfect for a half-bath


  • The sink is a bit shallow
  • Made from MDF
  • The only drawer is on the bottom

UrbanFurnishing JocelynUrban Furnishing is another company that does not specialize in bathroom product but instead focuses on furniture and products for the entire house. That being said, Urban Furnishing still posits itself as a brand of luxurious products and supports that argument by using a number of high-quality materials in the manufacturing of their goods. Of course, those high-quality materials do not come cheaply, and that makes this bathroom vanity one of the more expensive we saw.

Still, if you are looking for a bathroom vanity that will wow your guests as well as withstand years of use, then this should definitely be a product on your radar. For starters, the countertop of this bathroom vanity is made from marble, but Urban Furnishing is not content to simply provide any old marble. They go a step above and beyond and use only the highest quality Italian Carrara marble for their countertop.

This does mean that the countertop will need to be cared for and is likely not suitable for homes with children. This is because the softer nature of the Italian Carrara marble makes it prone to scuffs and scratches. On top of that, this countertop will harbor bacteria unless it is kept rigorously clean. Still, Urban Furnishing is not content to sit on a marble countertop as the cabinet is made from solid wood. The only downside is that the type of wood is not provided.

Following in the transitional style, this bathroom vanity provides both form and function as it offers some of the best options in terms of storage space. With drawers that run the entire height of the vanity as well as a set of cabinets, you should have no problem storing all of your bathroom amenities. Even better,  the drawers and cabinet doors are soft close to prevent injury. 

UrbanFurnishing Jocelyn Series:


  • Made from solid wood
  • Comes with a matching framed mirror
  • Italian Carrara Marble top
  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Soft Close drawers and doors
  • Provides plenty of storage


  • An expensive bathroom vanity
  • Drawers do not pull out completely
  • Is exceptionally heavy

Silkroad Exclusive Marble Stone Countertop ReviewSilkroad Exclusive is one of the companies on our list that focuses exclusively on bathroom products. In fact, this brand goes a step further than most and manufactures bathroom vanities exclusively. This provides them a degree of specialized experience to help provide one of the best products that we saw. That said, their specialization and high-quality also necessitates a similarly high price tag.

For one,  this bathroom vanity is another we saw that features a marble countertop.  Rather than going with the more common types of Italian marble, Silkroad Exclusive instead chose to go with a beautiful Spanish Marfil marble in a cream color. While often darker than some of the other types of marble often used for bathrooms, the cream color of the Marfil marble goes perfectly with the distressed paint technique. These two qualities also help accent the beautiful antique style flourishes carved into the solid hardwood frame of this bathroom vanity.

One issue though may be that only the frame of this bathroom vanity is made out of solid hardwood. The panels are actually made out of medium density fiberboard, or MDF. Normally, this would be clearly inferior to actual hardwood, but in a bathroom, there may be some justification for its use.  MDF is actually better at handling more extremes in temperature and humidity than wood  – both of which are common if you take long, hot showers.

Beyond the materials, the ceramic basins of the Silkroad Exclusive bathroom vanity are on par with the industry standard but are nothing to brag about. They are not made out of vitreous china for instance. This is actually one of the better bathroom vanities for storage space, though it would be nice to see more drawers.


  • Cream Marfil Marble Stone Top
  • Frame made from hardwood
  • Features gorgeous antique accents
  • Provides plenty of storage space
  • Ceramic basin suitable for widespread faucet
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • An expensive bathroom vanity
  • Style will not fit all home designs
  • Panels made from MDF
  • Is fairly heavy

Fine Fixtures PE1612 ReviewSometimes you do not need anything fancy. In fact, sometimes the most utilitarian and inexpensive bathroom vanity is specifically what you need. However, that does not mean you want to sacrifice quality. Thankfully, Fine Fixtures offers an excellent option in their Petite lineup. Founded in 2005, Fine Fixtures is another company on our list that focuses exclusively on bathroom products, and while they may offer some bathroom storage options, their heart lies in bathroom vanities and sinks.

 The Fine Fixtures Petite definitely lives up to its name as it is by far one of the most compact bathroom vanities that we saw. With a width of a mere 16”, you can fit this bathroom vanity into practically any sized space.  One of the ways that Fine Fixtures was able to accomplish this compact profile is with the use of their own brand of sink. For one, this sink is actually one of the most versatile when it comes to plumbing installation, and this sink is made from AAA vitreous china.

This means that the sink is incredibly resistant to scratches as well as staining. Still, it is not simply the material of the sink that makes this bathroom vanity so nice as a compact profile, it is the design as well. For one, the sink features an integrated design which ultimately helps save space. Of course, you still want plenty of room to use the sink, which is why the rounded overflow design is so nice. This provides a bit more room for comfort without occupying it for mobility.


  • One of the most compact bathroom vanity
  • One of the least expensive bathroom vanities
  • Round overflow sink
  • Ideal for a half bath
  • Easy plumbing installation
  • Sink is made from AAA vitreous china


  • Drawer is on the bottom
  • Does not feature much storage
  • Made of pressed wood

Eclife Modern Bathroom Vanity Kit ReviewWhile the design of bathrooms and their furniture has not changed all that much over time, there are a few advancements in design that can give pause. Eclife is one of the few brands that we saw which has taken this idea and run with it by providing a wide number of modular bathroom vanities. Specifically, they accomplish this by catering to a specific type of bathroom vanity – the vessel sink.

While the vessel sink is worthy of interest on its own, its modular capacity is arguably more valuable. This is because the sink and the cabinet are distinctly separate pieces that can actually be swapped out for other cabinets or others vessel sinks that Eclife makes. While this would necessarily entail you to make further purchases, it does still offer some variability that the other bathroom vanities lack.

Still, returning to the sink, it is important to understand what makes a vessel sink not only unique but incredibly advantageous.

The biggest benefit of the vessel sink has to be its space-saving function. Because the vessel sink is not actually set into the countertop of the cabinet, there is no basin occupying the storage space within the cabinet. The other advantage of this arrangement is that plumbing is fairly easy to hook up as well.

Beyond the basin and cabinet, the Eclife offers a number of other benefits as well. For one, this is the least expensive bathroom vanity we reviewed – though because of its unique design it may not strictly be the best budget bathroom vanity for all people. Another benefit is that  this bathroom vanity comes with both a matching mirror and the faucet  – the latter of which is a bit of a big deal considering vessel sinks require unique faucets.


  • An inexpensive bathroom vanity
  • A fairly compact bathroom vanity
  • Features a glass vessel sink
  • Comes with a faucet and hardware
  • Surprising amount of storage
  • Comes with a matching mirror


  • Made of MDF
  • Drawers are on the bottom
  • Requires more assembly than most

Silkroad Exclusive Travertine Stone Countertop ReviewSilkroad Exclusive, which specializes exclusively in high-end bathroom vanities, is the only brand to make our list twice. This time, they do so with a cabinet stained with a luxurious Brazilian Rosewood Finish. When you add the rich, dark finish of the stain with the antiqued style and additional touches from a vintage Victorian era, you easily have the best antique style bathroom vanity on our list.

Much like other Silkroad Exclusive products, this bathroom vanity features a countertop that is easily one of the best on our list.

The Travertine stone countertop, often called travertine marble, provides a beautiful accent with grain and streaks providing a natural look to complement the darker shade of the wood’s finish.

That said, it is important to keep in mind that natural stone is inherently more porous than man-made materials like quartz and is more prone to scratches, scuffs, and stains.

In terms of the wood, it should be understood that this bathroom vanity has some good qualities and some bad ones. The frame itself, out of which the various antique embellishments are carved, is made out of solid hardwood. That said, the panels are made out of MDF, which can actually be better for the bathroom environment, but still definitely is not quite as good as actual wood.

The ceramic sinks may not wow in terms of the material, but they are designed for a widespread faucet which allows you to continue the trend of high-end luxury should you spring for a similarly antiqued faucet – which you may well want to, considering the hardware of the Silkroad Exclusive is made from antique brass. Finally,  this bathroom vanity offers plenty of storage up and down in both drawer and cabinet form. 


  • Travertine Stone Top
  • Frame made from hardwood
  • Features gorgeous antique accents
  • Provides plenty of storage space
  • Ceramic basin suitable for widespread faucet
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • An expensive bathroom vanity
  • Style will not fit all home designs
  • Panels made from MDF
  • Is fairly heavy

Chans Furniture Abbeville Bathroom Vanity ReviewDespite the name, Chans Furniture is an American company headquartered out of South Florida. Established in 1989, this is one of the older companies on our list that specializes exclusively in bathroom vanities which should provide some comfort in regards to their quality and standards of excellence. While that is on display with this bathroom vanity, it is the style which stands out most.

This bathroom vanity is manufactured in the rustic style which can help provide a complete home design in ways most other bathroom vanities cannot. For one, the Chans Furniture features a blue stain that has been pre-distressed to give it that aged feel without the worry of actually having to age it. On top of that, the shutter-style cabinet doors provide a quaint feeling not often found with bathroom vanities.

In terms of the sink, all of the materials are top of the line.

The countertop is made from white marble which provides a lightening effect for the light distressed blue finish of the cabinet.

Of course, this does mean that the countertop is especially prone to staining since it is not only a porous, natural stone material but a white colored one at that. The sink is made from porcelain rather than ceramic – though not vitreous china.

 The body of the cabinet is made out of hardwood birch.  This is a solid hardwood – though it is not the hardest available. The panels are a different story altogether. Made out of plywood, this is actually one of the more disappointing parts of the Chans Furniture bathroom vanity as even MDF would be preferable. One odd detail which may add to the rustic feel but is truly just a bit annoying is that the drawers use wood tracks which can make them difficult to open and close. Chans Furniture Abbeville Series:


  • Easy to install
  • Provides plenty of storage
  • White marble countertop
  • Frame is made of birch
  • Comes in variety of sizes
  • Provides a deep porcelain sink


  • Panels made out of plywood
  • Pre-cut back panel may need modifications
  • Drawers not set on tracks

Ove Decors GeorgiaOve Decors is another company on our list that, while they do not exactly specialize in bathroom vanities or bathroom products, they do make it a point to market that segment of their product line more than their kitchen or outdoor furniture products. Based in Quebec and founded in 2005, Ove Decors seeks to blend more modern designs with high-quality materials to provide a top-tier bathroom vanity.

 First, the countertop is made of solid granite. This carries with it a few considerations. First, granite is one of the hardest stones in existence which means you should not have to worry about its durability as much as you might with marble. While as a porous stone it can still be scratched, scuffed, and stained, it is definitely less of a concern than with marble.  Still, the density of granite also means that for a bathroom vanity this size, it is one of the heaviest you will encounter.

In terms of the cabinet, the Ove Decors bathroom vanity is one of the best.

Made out of solid hardwood birch, this cabinet does not suffer from the “mixed medium” approach that even many other bathroom vanity manufacturers do: specifically, there is no particle board, plywood, or MDF paneling.

That said, the country of origin actually turns out to be a bigger deal with the Ove Decors bathroom vanity than with many others we reviewed.

This is because  the standards in Canada when it comes to plumbing are a bit different than in the US.  For one, the granite countertop features an 8” port for the faucet – where most US bathroom vanities feature a 4” port. On top of that, the basin of the sink is also made according to Canadian standards. This can make the plumbing installation a bit awkward – especially since you may have to modify the back panel, which again is made from solid hardwood birch.


  • Easy to install
  • Provides a decent amount of storage
  • Countertop is granite
  • Features soft close doors and drawers
  • Made of birch wood
  • Comes with matching backsplash


  • Basin made to Canadian standards
  • Only comes in a single size
  • Pre-cut back panel may need modifications

Design Element Moscony Vanity Set ReviewMaster bathrooms can be difficult to design for. Their larger than normal size means that you often need a bathroom vanity that is a bit larger than normal as well or else it may look a bit odd with various points where large openings of space sit awkwardly. This is where Design Element’s Moscony bathroom vanity comes into play. While this product actually comes in the common 4’, 5’ and 6’ varieties, it also comes in a 7’ model – the largest of any bathroom vanity we reviewed.

On top of providing the largest size available, this bathroom vanity is also by far one of the most durable that we encountered too. The countertop is manufactured from a man-made quartz. While this material may not carry with it the same type of prestige that marble does, it is definitely more durable and easy to care for, resisting scratches, scuffs, and stains. Also, as a man-made, non-porous material, the quartz countertop is easy to keep disinfected.

Beyond the countertop, the cabinet of Design Element bathroom vanity is also a step above the others on our list. For one, it is made entirely out of solid hardwood without the use of any processed wood for the paneling.  However, the wood it is made from is oak – one of the hardest and most durable types of wood available.  The only issue is that the oak cabinet combined with the quartz countertop make this one of the heaviest bathroom vanities we saw as well.

Design Element Moscony Series:


  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • Features soft close doors
  • Hygienic and durable quartz countertop
  • Comes with a framed mirror
  • Porcelain basin suitable for widespread faucet
  • Provides plenty of storage
  • Made of solid oak


  • Most expensive bathroom vanity reviewed
  • Is exceptionally heavy
  • The hardware could be better

Best Bathroom Vanities – Buyer’s Guide


This will often determine the longevity and durability of the bathroom vanity. At the same time, there are also a number of materials that are considered “prestige” materials. That said, the prestige materials, while beautiful, are generally not as durable nor as hygienic as other man-made materials – especially when it comes to the countertop.


There are three primary materials used for bathroom vanity countertops: marble, quartz, and granite. Quartz is man-made, but it is also one of the more durable being resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains as well as providing an easier cleaning experience due to its non-porous nature. Both granite and marble are natural stone with granite being the more durable of the two. Though, granite is also far denser than marble which will ultimately make it much heavier and more difficult to carry.


When it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets, the options are wood or processed wood.  Generally, actual wood is seen not only as the more prestigious material to use, but it is often the more durable as well.  That said, some of the processed wood products – especially MDF – can legitimately compete with wood in terms of durability. A common middle ground is for the manufacturer to make the cabinet frame out of solid hardwood and use some form of processed wood for the paneling.


The sink plays the most functional role when it comes to a bathroom vanity, though it can still serve as a point of beauty and aesthetics as well. For instance, the material the sink is made from can add a touch of elegance and will determine how durable it is. On top of that, the design will play an important role in determining what type of faucet you can use.


The most common style of sinks involves some kind of mount with the basin held within the cabinet. Whether undermount, drop in or integrated, all of these sinks will ultimately occupy space in the cabinet. A more modern approach is the vessel sink which actually sits like a bowl on top of the countertop, providing more storage in the cabinet below.


There are a couple materials used for sinks, but they are all fairly similar. The three most common are ceramic, porcelain, and vitreous china. Ceramic is the basic material and is reasonably durable but can get scratched or scuffed. Porcelain is the hardest type of clay and is far more resistant to scratching or scuffing. Vitreous China is the most durable and is actually porcelain with an enamel coating that further protects it and gives a lustrous shine.

How to Install Bathroom Vanity


Whichever is the best bathroom vanity will depend on a few things, but space and cost are likely two big ones.

Of course, you can still find a solid bathroom vanity made out of luxurious materials at a reasonable price, but it can be difficult.

If you need a bathroom vanity for a smaller space, the offers an excellent compact profile bathroom vanity at an exceptionally reasonable price. While the cabinet may be made from MDF, you will not have to worry about temperature or humidity damaging the frame, and the vitreous china sink is both durable and beautiful.

If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that can adjust to meet your demands, offers a product like no other. Aside from the fact that this bathroom vanity comes in 6 different sizes – ranging from compact to large enough for a master bathroom – it is also the only bathroom vanity we reviewed which features both left and right offset sink arrangements.

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