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Dress up shoes 2018

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When started winning rings and at least making it to the Finals every year (eight and counting) coincided with when he took charge of his own destiny and got into team building.

He chose to break with tradition and partner up with two other stars — and Chris Bosh — down in Miami. It was a move changed the landscape of the NBA. When the Heat situation no longer worked for him, LeBron went home again and pushed for roster moves he wanted — starting with moving for — and it all led to the four trips to the Finals and the first title for the city of Cleveland in more than five decades.

Now LeBron comes to Los Angeles — however, the process with the Lakers is not going to be as fast. It will take a little patience.

Heading into free agency there was no doubt LeBron James wanted to be a Laker, but plenty of people in the league were not convinced he would go on his own — he’d want another superstar player to come first. L.A. had to set up a team that could win right now because LeBron at age 33 was not going to wait around. Everyone knew LeBron plus the existing Lakers core is not going to be enough in the brutal West.

LeBron once again defied expectations and jumped in with both feet —.

Now it becomes about team building in Los Angeles.

That building starts with LeBron trusting Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka in a way he never trusted Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers organization — he gave the Lakers four years (three plus one year with a player option, technically). In Cleveland, it was a series of one-year deals, and even when they won a championship it was only two years. He never gave up leverage, he pushed them as an organization (with mixed results). In Los Angeles, he planted a flag for the long haul.

How is this Lakers team going to get dress built? Patience not rushed decisions. This is not just a summer of 2018 project, lining up the right players to contend will stretch into 2019. At least.

is the first name to come up — and make no mistake, LeBron would love to have the Spurs’ Finals MVP on the wing. If healthy, Leonard is exactly the kind of running mate LeBron needs to start to threaten Golden State — an elite switchable defender who can hit threes and create off the dribble. Leonard is an MVP-level player when right.

However, the Spurs want to extract the best price they can for surrendering their best player. As they should. San Antonio is not going to move fast, and they want to drag multiple teams into a bidding war — Philadelphia wants to play, Boston is on the fringes, and the Spurs are trying to lure them in. San Antonio is going to slow play this.

The Lakers are not waiting around. Los Angeles doesn’t feel the pressure to land Leonard to get LeBron. The sides will keep talking, but a trade that guts the L.A. roster of young players isn’t mandatory to get the big prize. Los Angeles has what it most wanted.

Instead, the Lakers’ moves in the wake of signing LeBron show a team thinking about the summer of 2019. Everything has been one-year deals — (for million), (.4 million room exception), and (for the minimum). Those are players who can help the Lakers compete now but who do not carry salaries over into next summer.

That summer of 2019 is when a host of free agents come up: Kawhi Leonard,,,,, and are the biggest names, plus guys such as Kevin Love and have player options. Anyone who comes on the market, the Lakers can be in the mix to land if they so choose.

The Lakers are also positioned to go after any player who becomes available in a trade — the Lakers have a nice young core that can be moved for the right star.

That young core is excited about LeBron to the Lakers.

Now comes the harsh light of evaluation on those players — which ones can help win a title for the Lakers, and which ones are out. The days of patient evaluation and growth measurement are over in a lot of ways, it’s about winning and winning big. Can help with that???

could be back with the Lakers on a one-year deal, or if he signs the qualifying offer because there are not other offers out there (it’s a very tight market), but the Lakers are not sacrificing their cap space for anyone.

Flexibility is the buzzword for Los Angeles going forward. That and patience.

The Lakers trust that the combined gravity of playing with LeBron and the Lakers’ brand/market is going to bring in star players.. It’s just not going to be instantaneous. Maybe the best options pop up this summer (Leonard). Maybe it’s something unexpected closer to the trade deadline. Maybe it’s the summer of 2019. Whatever it is, the Lakers have left themselves the flexibility to go after it and make it happen.

LeBron is back in the business of team building — and this could be his most legacy-defining building project to date. But now he has a partner.

‘ billion-dollar contract with Nike means we’ll dress up shoes 2018 continue to see the top signature shoe line from The King for quite some time.

We have been waiting to see what this season’s edition of LeBron’s shoes will look like for some time. It was obvious that it would probably follow the design cues from the past couple of years, complete with a woven upper and a one-piece construction.

Now, it appears that LeBron himself has decided to help us with a sneak peek of the upcoming LeBron 16.

On his Instagram story, James posted photos after people noticed him wearing a black and red colorway of what was rumored to be his latest signature shoe.

Via Twitter:

LeBron’s signature line has always been a leader, right alongside the Kobe series. Several excellent editions of the shoes have been put out, with my favorite being the LeBron X.

I’m not personally a fan of the one-piece upper on this one, mostly because my feet are usually too damn wide to get through the opening at the top. But it certainly does look good, and aesthetically it seems like part of the family after the release of the Lebron 15.

With now in the Western Conference with the Los Angeles Lakers, the time has come for the young guns out East to finally move up the ladder. There are several teams with excellent young talent waiting in the wings, and although we often see disparaging remarks on social media about the lesser conference, the East will be interesting to watch for years to come thanks to developing talent.

Boston Celtics forward and Philadelphia 76ers point guard are just two of the players folks around the league have their eyes on. Given that they were taken in the same draft in 2017, it’s likely they will always be paired together in the eyes of fans.

Tatum is intimately aware of that fact, and addressed it in a recent interview on Boston.com. Specifically, the Celtics star said that he and Fultz do not hold anything against each other, and in fact are good friends. In addition, Tatum says he likes to razz Sixers big man.

Via :

“Sometimes we talk trash,” Tatum said. “I like to remind Joel that we beat him 4-1.”

“People try to make us be enemies by how we got drafted, but we don’t care about that,” said Tatum, who was drafted two spots behind Fultz. “There’s no animosity between me and him. We’re really best friends off the court.”

No doubt Tatum and Fultz will remain enemies when the two meet on a basketball floor during the regular season (and beyond).

The Celtics and 76ers will square off during the first game of the year on October 16th.

The Houston Rockets seem infinitely confident that adding to their roster for the upcoming season will be a net positive. has, and to add his two cents.

Harden has recently doubled down on his opinion of Anthony on the Rockets, touching on the subject during a recent interview in The Players’ Tribune.

During the interview, Harden said that he felt that integrating Anthony was going to be easy.

Via Twitter:

When you got two high IQ guys who are unselfish and know the game of basketball it’s easy. This year, coming off an MVP season, now you got to add Carmelo Anthony, it’s going to be easy. The transition is easy. When you got that many talented, high IQ guys around who love to communicate and love to figure things out the job is easy.

Harden went on to say that he felt as though communication was the key for him and last season and that they will rely on that skill set to be able to emulsify Anthony into the team this coming year.

At this juncture, whether adding Anthony to Houston’s roster will be of benefit to them is anyone’s guess. It is still August after all, and we will need to wait until April before we can make a real judgment on this triumvirate.

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

With all due respect to Kurt Helin, he’s dead wrong. This is not the perfect shirt for Kobe Bryant’s 40th birthday. It doesn’t show enough of his arms.

This is.


Remember when Kobe?

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