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Fashion tips5 chic essentials for working out

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... Style Basics 101: Fashion Tips On How to Improve Your Style

On this page you'll find the best fashion tips (which I also call the fashion & style fashion tips5 chic essentials for working out 101) that will revamp your looks and image, and help you achieve a chic and fabulous personal style! Guide to fashion tips and giving yourself a Style Makeover.
Together we will go through the elements of great style - from wearing your best colors to dressing your body shape, closet organizing to assessing your personal style.

We’ll start from scratch and step by step work our way through almost every aspect of your image, wardrobe and even your shopping habits!

The Fashion 101's help you with:

  • Getting a total Style Makeover
  • Single or divorced and looking to attract a new partner? Want a new look that will help you regain your self-confidence? Want to feel and look attractive? Then this is the place to start - with the step-by-step guidelines you are paving the way to a new you!
  • Improve Your Style
  • Already got a sense of style but wish to find ways to improve it? Then it's time to review the fashion basics - this place will give you fashion advice and tips on how to take your style and image to the next level!

Here you'll find all of the style and fashion tips you need to know to feel and look fabulous.

Great style isn't just about the. It's about reuniting fashion with your body figure, coloring, personality and lifestyle!

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The Best Fashion Tips

How to update your closet with the latest fashion trends
I've made the key elements in style makeover here available and split the heavy stuff into smaller, easy-to-understand chunks.

It works as a mini 5-step guide to improving your style - taking you from one aspect of your image to another.

Now, looking fabulous is about knowing what looks good on you. It's about playing up your best assets and camouflaging the ones you don't feel too confident about.

If you want to look your best, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and objectively assess the contours, shape, proportions and color of your body. From top to toe :-)

It might sound terrifying at first but all these details and observations are needed to create the perfect blueprint of what looks good and what doesn't look good on you!

Mastering the Fashion Tips & Basics Can Help You With:

  • Selecting the best garments and details from the current fashion trends that work for you
  • Styling and customizing a garment or outfit to look good on you
  • Looking your best, all the time!

You're going to discover how to make simple adjustments in your wardrobe and shopping habits, which can make a huge positive difference in how you look and improve the "health" of your wardrobe.

You'll also understand how it all works - how these changes affect your physical appearance and the image your project to the world.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel saysMy goal is to inform you on the "science" of image, and inspire you to make the most out of your clothes - helping you make fewer mistakes so that you can save time and money.

I'm not saying that you have to be perfect all the time. It's absolutely fine to make mistakes, because it's sometimes the only way for you to learn and improve your style. I encourage you to get to know yourself better, simply by exposing yourself to new styles and clothes. Experimenting and having fun with fashion is the key to evolving your style.

You're here to unleash your greatest beauty potential.. for less time and money!You don't need a fat wallet, model body or the flashiest clothes to look good or even stylish. We'll work with what you've got!

"Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess."
- Edna Woolman Chase

Let's Start Building Your Style from Scratch!

So let's put the current fashion trends to the side for a moment and start with the very basic fashion tips - the 5 key elements of looking your best:
With these pointers in mind - you'll know what type of clothes and outfits to invest in and what to avoid.Keep in mind that each pointer has a set of mini-steps!

You also need a notebook (preferably unlined) to jot down any ideas that pop into your mind, as well as tips that you want to keep as reference.

The Fashion Tips Basics

Step 1: Your Body Figure

By knowing the shape, scale and proportions of your body, you'll be able to select the best clothes and accessories that create a balanced silhouette that help disguise the parts you're self-conscious about to you pave the way for your confidence. This gives you the curves on all the right places, and leaves plenty of room to play up your best assets.

Determine your body figure

It also helps you know what adjustments you need to make to make any outfit will work for you. This greatly breaks down the barrier between you and the classic "no-no"-s that you are supposed to avoid - so that you can wear almost anything you want!

Step 2: Your Coloring

The right colors make your skin glow and you'll look fresh and alert. The wrong colors, on the other hand can make you look pale (not in a good way for those you like the pale look!), tired and bring out discolorations and skin imperfections.

Determine your best colors

Another important aspect of colors is knowing how to use and coordinate colors to your advantage - such as bringing attention to your best assets as well as how to look taller. You can also use colors to create the mood of your outfit.

Step 3: Develop Personal Style

Defining your personal style is a must to set yourself apart form the rest, as well as help you connect with your personality and create a trademark that people will remember you for. This results in a confident and comfortable gal behind the clothes :-)

Define your personal style

Each of these pointers is super-essential to looking your best - it takes fashion beyond the basics!

Step 4: Wardrobe Audit

It's time to build the contents of your wardrobe! If you want to make it easier to put on clothes in the morning - you need to make sure you have the important essentials that build the foundation of your closet.

The first step is to dissect your closet :-)

How to organize your closet

These are the building blocks to creating a solid wardrobe that keeps you covered on all occasions all-year-around.

Step 5: Putting it Together

After having some of the basic fashion tips and assessed various aspects of your current style, from analyzing yourself from inside and out - it's time to put it all together!

This is where you swamp us much inspiration as possible and get your creative juices flowing. Playing it safe by relying on the basics won't get your image and style anywhere. Now it's the time for you to be creative and bold. Experiment with fashion, and not least have fun!

How to put together outfits

After reviewing the steps from 1 to 4, you've probably have a propped notebook with notes on your current style and ideas on how and what to improve. Now, use the style and fashion tips to gather inspiration that suits your taste and handpick the trends that resonate with you.

Sorry, this section is still under construction!

Let's dissect the fashion basics and bend the rules at the TCF blog!

Click here to check out the latest fashion basics and tips

I hope my fashion tips will give you the encouragement in improving your wardrobe, style and shopping efficiency! Want more outfit ideas and fashion advice? Make sure to sign up for the! :-)

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