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Feel Vacation Refreshed

Escaping the daily grind is good for your mindandbody: Studies show that people who take time off—even just for a few days—have a lower risk of heart disease. The only problem with getaways? They don't last forever! This year, use these tricks to keep those relaxed vibes around for weeks (or months).

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To boost your moodbook a staycation.People are actually happierbeforea vacation than they are postholiday, according to research. The anticipation of an excursion is what puts the biggest smile on your face, so reserve an upcoming weekend and pack the days with events you'll look forward to, like lounging on the hammock with a new book or going to an afternoon movie matinee.

To shed poundsswitch up your workout.Exploring new ways to exercise is fun and could increase the number of calories you burn. When you stick to the same activity day in and day out, your body adapts and your weight loss plateaus. But challenging yourself with fresh activities that target different muscles keeps the scale moving in the right direction. Find a never-before-tried fitness class near you atGoRecess.com.


To eat bettertry new produce.While it's easy to overindulge at endless buffets while traveling, out-of-state escapes are also a good opportunity to taste fruits and vegetables you don't usually eat. At home, buy a type of produce you're unfamiliar with and store it at eye level in your fridge. Putting healthy food within reach may help you consume twice as much, according to one study.

To lower anxiety levelslog off.Powering down while on a retreat is a smart idea, but it pays to disconnect at home, too. Researchers found that when people were shut off from email for five days, they felt less stressed. And another study shows that multitasking with media (scrolling through Facebook while watching TV, for example) is linked to depression. Take a break from clicking by going tech-free for at least one full day a month, and challenge your family to do the same. Pick a reward for the person who lasts the longest, such as a day free from chores.

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To sleep soundlyuse an eye mask.Research shows you snooze about 40 minutes longer on vacation than you do on normal days. Not jolting out of bed to the blare of an alarm helps, but so does a pitch-black hotel room. (A dark bedroom stimulates the production of melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone.) Many hotels use blackout curtains to get this effect because regular window treatments let in light that can impact brain activity. Luckily, you don't need to replace your blinds to benefit. Instead, slip on a sleep mask (choose one that is contoured to reduce pressure on your eyelids, like the F1 Molded Eye Mask, ) to block out any sleep-disrupting sun or moonlight.

Fun ways to get fit.Burn 150 calories—the amount in ½ cup of chocolate ice cream—with one of these enjoyable activities that won't feel like work:

  • Kayaking for 27 minutes
  • Hiking for 23 minutes
  • Playing Frisbee for 44 minutes
  • Biking for 16 minutes

Set up your bedroom for better rest.Two quick ways to boost your comfort level:

1. Lower the thermostat to between 65°F and 68°F, the ideal temperature range for a good night's sleep.

2. Spritz the room with a calming fragrance like lavender before you get into bed.

SOURCES: Kate Goldhaber, PhD, clinical psychologist, Loyola University Health System, Chicago. Wendy Sallin, director of fitness, PFC Fitness Camp, Carlsbad, CA. Christopher Winter, MD, medical director, Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, Charlottesville, VA.

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