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How to Train in Reflexology

Six Methods:

There are many schools that offer training in reflexology. A typical course syllabus includes classroom hours as well as hands-on practice. This article explains how you can get the training you need to become a certified reflexologist.


Research the Requirements

Becoming a certified reflexologist isn’t something you can accomplish by attending a weekend workshop. You will have to invest money and time before you can begin your new career.

  1. Research organizations, such as the American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET) to understand how schools get their accreditation to teach reflexology.
  2. Look for an accredited school that has reflexology as part of its curriculum.You can search the Internet for qualifying programs. Use the advanced tools feature of a search engine to narrow down your list of possibilities. For example, use the keywords "certified," "reflexology" and "training requirements" so that you eliminate websites that don’t offer accredited courses.
  3. Visit the website of the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), an independent testing agency, to read about reflexology training.

Choose a School

Selecting the right school is critical to your success.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the foundation subjects you will have to take.In order to be certified by ARCB, you will have to attend an accredited reflexology school and complete 110 hours of instruction in anatomy, physiology, reflexology history, theory and practice and business and professional ethics. You will also have to complete 100 hours of supervised hands-on reflexology work, complete a practical exam and pass a written national exam.
  2. Keep in mind that massage schools do not prepare you to become a certified reflexologist, even though they may incorporate a few classes on reflexology.Massage therapy schools typically devote 1 or 2 weeks to the study of reflexology. A reflexology course devotes 100% of its instruction to reflexology.
  3. Be wary of online courses, they may not give you all the preparation and experience you will need to pass the national board exam.

Decide on a Specialty

Standard reflexology training includes instruction on how to apply pressure to the reflex points that are also located on the ears and hands, but you may want to learn another healing art specialty that complements reflexology so that you can offer more services when you begin your own practice.

  1. Research the websites of reflexology practitioners and see what kinds of additional services they offer.Some reflexologists offer services that complement basic reflexology, such as color therapy and aromatherapy, while others offer reflexology in tandem with Reiki treatments.
  2. Contact the schools you are considering and ask them if they offer additional training in the specialty you have in mind.

Get Advanced Training

Some schools, such as The University of New Mexico, offer degree programs in holistic health and the healing arts. You can get your certification as a reflexologist at the same time you pursue a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health.

  1. Research the licensing requirements in your jurisdiction for additional healing therapy practices.
  2. Save time and money by choosing a school that offers both comprehensive courses in reflexology and in other integrative health programs.Advanced reflexology courses are meant to enhance skills and knowledge and help reflexologists gain a better understanding of the direct reflex areas, helper areas and other holistic techniques.

Get Your Certification

Once you have completed your studies, you will need to prepare for the board examination so that you can get certified as a reflexologist.

  1. Contact ARCB either through their website or by telephone to find out where to take your board exam.
  2. Ask if you will need to submit any documentation in addition to proof of the completion of your reflexology studies.
  3. Apply to take the examination.
  4. Study for and take the licensing examination.Review your reflexology program materials and notes. If possible, ask your teachers about any areas you should focus on.

Get Practice in the Field

The opportunities to practice reflexology have never been better.

  1. Apply for a position in an established reflexology practice.You will be sure to have clients and you will benefit from the advice of your experienced co-workers.
  2. Offer your services at a day spa.Find out if you can come in once a week and conduct reflexology sessions. You will probably have to give a percentage of your earnings to the spa, but you will gain valuable hands-on experience and start building a clientele base.
  3. Offer private reflexology treatments to your family and friends.Document your hours so that you have a record of your hands-on practice.
  4. Explore other venues for practicing reflexology.The popularity and acceptance of reflexology is growing. Some reflexologists have established small kiosk practices in airports; other reflexologists have agreements with companies to offer treatments to their employees on certain days.

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  • A career as a reflexologist, just like any professional occupation, demands that you keep up-to-date with the theory and practical skills of your trade. Once you are trained and certified, you may want to take an occasional workshop to further hone your skills.


  • Be sure to thoroughly vet the school of your choice. Make sure the school offers all the required training you will need to take your certification exam. You should also understand the school’s refund policy should you change your mind about taking the course.

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