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How to wear: bermuda shorts

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Not every woman over 40 feels comfortable in shorts, and that’s perfectly o.k.  But if you want to wear them, there’s no rule or reason you can’t. Here’s how to pull off shorts at 40, 50 and beyond


Style Blogger Deborah Boland of Fabulous After <u>how to wear: bermuda shorts</u> 40 wearing blue and white striped shorts

1. The Right Length

Determining the best length is always tricky. How short is too short when you’re middle-aged or more? It really depends on a few things, such as your figure, where you plan to wear your shorts, your confidence level. There are three basic lengths of shorts for women:

Short Shorts These are easiest to wear when your legs are very toned. Aim for an inseam that is minimum,  4″ or longer. Anything shorter will look skimpy and unflattering on a grown-up gal.

These short navy &  white striped shorts I’m wearing (above), have a 4.5-inch inseam.  They’re short, but appropriate and would look nice at a backyard BBQ, a trip to the beach, etc. I’m wearing them with a sleeveless blouse to upscale the look.

Shorts Outfit for over 40- Navy shorts and red striped top styled by Fabulous After 40

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Medium Length Shorts This is one of the most popular lengths of shorts for women over 40. When you don’t want to reveal too much leg,  but you also don’t want to wear shorts that go right down to your knees, then choose a medium length short.

Medium length shorts have a 5-10″ inseam and end a few inches above the knee. This pair of navy nautical inspired shorts, above, has a 5″ inch inseam.

Shorts Outfit - Peach denim Bermuda shorts and white tie top styled by Fabulous After 40

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Long Shorts Classic Bermuda shorts that end at the top of the knee are a great choice if your legs are not as firm as they used to be, or you need a pair of shorts that are a little more formal.  Bermuda shorts usually have an inseam of about 11 inches. These are a good choice of shorts for some women over 50, who feel more comfortable with more leg coverage.

Tip: If you’re still unsure about what length to wear, try this trick. Lay your arms down by your sides. Where do your fingertips end? That’s usually a comfortable minimum length for wearing shorts for most women.

Shorts Outfit for over 40 - Blue striped shorts and yellow top

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2. Make Sure your Shorts are not Too Tight

Tight shorts, especially in the thighs, are aging and all too common. If you have side pockets, they should not flare out.

How to Wear Shorts Over 40 - peach blouse, black shorts outfit styled by Fabulous After 40

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3. Buy Quality Shorts

Even a relaxed, casual pair of cotton shorts should look classy and fit well. You can never go wrong with crisp, tailored shorts which look classic and chic. These hight waist shorts with the tie are very popular at the moment. Soft, silky shorts can also look classy on the right figure.



As for denim shorts for women…

      • A dark wash jean is dressier and more slimming.
      • Chambray is modern but looks more relaxed.
      • Stay away from short, faded, distressed or frayed cut off jean shorts for women ( Daisy Dukes).

4. Avoid Wearing Skimpy Tops with Your Shorts

You want to look classy, not trashy. If you are showing off a lot of leg, then it’s best to stay a little more covered up above the waist. A skimpy top and short shorts start to look tacky over 40. Balance it out.Shorts - Olive Green

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5. Wear Fabulous Accessories with Your Shorts

Shorts and rubber flip-flops + not much else looks plain and junior. Add fab jewelry, a great tote,  cute sandals, and you’ve got a grown-up ensemble.

The bottom line is shorts for women over 40  look great when you put a little effort and thought into your overall look! For more ideas on how to wear shorts check these tips for  .

Shorts - Yellow Side Button

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