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Inspirational quotes cover photos for facebook 2018

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Hijab Quotes, As we know Hijab is being popular around the world. but on the other hand the rumor is being spread that Hijab is only muslim women clothing and hijab is a sign oppression to the Muslim women. First let me make it clear that is not a piece of cloth that cover women’s head.


Hijab is a symbol of modesty it includes the way a person walk, talks, looks and thinks, All of it should be quotes done modestly and applies to both Men and Women. and its to protect yourself from evil eye. Islam is not only a religion but it is also a way of life and Hijab is a part of it. Well today i am sharing some Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes and Sayings for men and women. Read This inspiration quotes and do share your favorite quote with us. See Also:

Hijab Quotes & Sayings For Women

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In a world full of KARDASHIANS aspire to be like KHADIJAH (May Allah SWT Be Pleased With Her)

You are a modest queen, that knows her true worth by keeping her modest heart secure with shyness.

“Boys with beard and girls with hijab are the best Combination Ever.”

“Hijab is the veil that has to be drawn over our body. our behavior and our speech.”

“The Muslim Women is Clothed in strength & Dignity. She Trust in Allah & Smiles  without fear of the future.”

Hijab is for body, Haya is for Soul.

You only see what I allow you inspirational quotes cover photos for facebook 2018 to see now That’s Freedom.

“A Women’s Best Jewellery is her Shyness – Hazrat Fatima Bint-e-”

“Here’s your outfit Inside The Grave”

“Modesty Comes in More Than just Our Physical Appearance. Our Entire Bodies, personalities and thoughts Should Emanate Modesty.”

“Jesus Would Be Disappointed. That Those Who Dress Like His Mother (Mary) are being Discriminated against and attacked Physically & Mentally. ”

“Hijab My Right My Choice My Life. ”

Hijab is Faith not Fashion.

“Don’t Let Society Define You. ”

A women modestly dressed is as pearl in its Shell.

“Funny how people mock codes. yet on graduation day the all wear clothes similar to a jubbah to look modest and successful.”

“Modesty is the best jewel of a Woman – Fatima Al Zahra (SA)”

Beauty is like a book it can not be judged by its cover.

“Hijab includes the way a person walk, talks, looks and thinks, All of it should be Done modestly and applies to both Men and Women.”

“Haya (Modesty) Does not bring anything except good” – Muhammad Peace be upon him.

“Hijab is beautiful, so make it look beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride and most of all wear it Right.”

Hijab – Because you’re worth it.

“Why Hijab? because ALLAH created woman right in the shades of JANNAB from the ribs of ADAM (Peace be upon Him)”

It is better to lose something for the almighty than to lose the almighty for something.

“This Hijab, This mark of Piety, is an act of faith, a symbol for all the world to see…”

“It’s not just  a HIJAB its our key to JANNAH”

Dear Sisters!

One day you will all be covered from head to toe. “Don’t let your last on earth be the first day you wear hijab!”

“You may not be a fairytale princess but you are always a princess of ISLAM”

“My Mood depends on my Hijab – (Well Usually You may try to judge girl’s mood by their hair style ;) buh What about those women who keep their hairs Coverd?!!!) ”

“Hiab with a bad attitude isn’t Hijab, Hijab with tight Clothes on Isn’t Hijab, Hijab With Hair on the side isn’t Hijab, Hijab with layers of Makeup isn’t Hijab… Hijab is beautiful so make it look beautiful.”

To some I May appear religious. But me personally, I’m No where near where I want myself to be.

Every time you wear the hijab remember you are wearing an ayah of The Quran.

Keep your Noor, just for your spouse.

Hijab is not only for the perfect ones. Hijab is also for the ones with flaws, who tells the world that they are trying.

It’s not just a hijab. It’s our key to Jannah.

It’s never late to become a better muslimah.

How beautiful to remain a mystery in a world of people who have nothing left to hide.

Don’t sacrifice you beauty just for compliments and a few “Instagram Likes”, because on the day of judgement, nobody will even look at you twice.

Beauty is complete when hearts are pure.

So what if their beauty is a topic in magazines? Your modesty is a topic in the Quran!

No matter what stage you are on, It all counts for Allah! At least you are trying!

“I don’t care what others say I wear my Hijab for the sake of ALLAH (Subanahu wa ta’ala)”

“It is not the cloth that oppresses the women, it is the illiterate mind.”

Hijab isn’t hiding your beauty with tight cloths, Its how you handle your beauty for the sake of God. –

“Judge me by whats in my head not whats on my head!!!”

“Hijab isn’t just what you’re wearing but it’s also what you do and say.”

“Sisters, The sun doesn’t lose its beauty when it’s covered by the clouds.

The same way your beauty doesn’t fade when you’re wearing hijab. ”

“Be like a diamond precious & Rare. not like a stone found everywhere.”

“Everything precious is covered!!! A woman modestly dressed is like a pearl in it’s shell.”

“If a Woman has the right to show of what she has, then she also has the right to cover it up too.”

“Modestly is the way you deal with beauty. Not how you avoid it.”

“I am satisfied that my religion commands me to cover my body why is my hijab you problem?”

“My Hijab is my dignity, my respect, and my honour, and i will never ever trade it for this temporary world.”

“Hijab is not about oppression but freedom from evil eyes.”

“I dress to impress no man, I dress to Impress Ar-Rahman”

“If Modernism is being naked then animals are more modern than humans.” Quote By Dr Zakir Naik

“All Praises be to ALLAH who guided me to wear Hijab.”

Your Hijab is a barrier that blocks so many negativity coming your way.

Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

We live in a world where some women are being paid to get naked whilst others get fined for being covered!!

They say the Sunnah doesn’t fit in to society they don’t understand we weren’t made for society. we were made for Jannah.

Yes it’s HOT, it’s HARD, It’s Different, But I LOVE wearing it..

My body was created to pray not to market car and beers.

Modesty is the crown of A Mulimah.
Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as an object.

In this age of nudity, the more you reveal the cheaper you are regarded, even if the world makes you feel you are liberated.
Modest dress plays a key role in purification of the soul & deep inner contentment.

Don’t Let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab.

Wrapped VS Covered
“Islam teaches us to cover our Aurah not tight-wrappings” Them like burritos!
Tights & Leggings are not appropriate!
Do Not Wear Them In Public
Seriously They Look Like Undergarments.

Hijab Quotes & Sayings For Men

“Remember There is Hijaab For women but There’s also Hijab For men.”

“Say to the Reliving men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. that will make for greater purity for them and ALLAH is well acquainted with all that they do.” Al-Quran 24:30

“Modesty is … Lowering Your Gaze.”

“If a woman passes in front of you. lower your eyes until she has passed by” Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

“Brothers Learn the meaning of Hijab for men. its not something for women only. lower you gaze & respect women.”

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