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I want to talk about #GirlBoss, the book about the story of Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, the online fashion retailer that started selling vintage clothes to later incorporate designer’s lines and signature collections. According to BBC, today Nasty Gal is considered the fastest growing e-commerce site in the US.



Sophia created her millionaire company in short 7 years. She does not come from a wealthy family, nor from prestigious schools; she lived an alternative youth full of adventures, she worked since young age and hated all her jobs, being fired from many of them. She confesses had lived from dumpsters and done shoplifting, to finally start her online business on eBay, which emulated into Nasty Gal (she confesses with shame that her first sell online was a stolen book).

For those who want to learn more about Sophia, here some headers from the international press who describe her better than me:

“The Cinderella of Tech”- .

“Fashion’s new phenom”- .

“A Cinderella story”- BBC.

The book is a memoir of a woman who has constantly worked to get where she is at, without having an ambitious goal in mind, and how she has worked to keep growing (it is the example of someone who wants something and knows she has to earn it). It is a very interesting book that shows the reasons why, according to her, her business has been so successful, and it actually is a lesson to the professionals about how to be close to the customer through technology and innovation (besides, she narrates very morbid, personal and entertaining moments of her life).

This book became a Best Seller, and thanks to the inspiration she became to a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands, she created , through which she awards financial grants to women in the worlds of design, fashion, music, and the arts, to help them on their way building a business.



3 Powerful reasons why I think #GirlBoss is an inspiring book:

  1. Sophia created a company from scratch doing something she felt hooked to and loved everyday.
  2. I admire how she built a profitable company valuated today in USD0 million (and counting), of 350 employees, with no money or loans, free of debt!
  3. Her focus and key of success has always been customer service; her common sense told her how to use Social Media to obtain information from her customers to interact with them and offer them what they look for.

Each page of this book reflects her philosophy of life, which is basically being faithful to herself, without imitating anyone, besides her focus on positive thoughts-people-situations, trying-failing-learning, DOING THINGS and doing them well.

I really liked this book because I felt identified with her for many reasons; today I expose her as a good example of personal growth and successful business case, all beacuse of her instincts and gut.

These are her 10 powerful quotes I read in the book and hooked me:

“When you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you, too”.

“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure”.

“It’s pretty impossible to succeed while doing something that you genuinely hate”.

“Discomfort was where I was most comfortable”.

“When you treat your possessions as emblems of your hard work, they inherit a meaning that transcends the objects themselves”.

“Hocus-pocus: The power of Magical Thinking. There’s the everyday kind of magic that we make ourselves. And that is not magic at all. It’s just recognizing the fact that we control our thoughts and our thoughts control our lives”.

“All I knew was that I wanted to do something awesome, and was open to whatever shape or form this awesomeness took”.

“Failure is your invention”.

“I didn’t know anybody to turn to for business advice, and because of this, people ask me all the time how I figured it out. Well, I figured it out by doing what I think is one of the best strategies for learning anything anywhere: I Googled it”.

“I believe the best way to honor the past and future of women’s rights is by getting shit done”.


Get #GirlBoss at .

Photo Credit: Monica Almeida/The New York Times

Photo Credit: Monica Almeida/The New York Times

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