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Extra Walk-In Flu Clinic Added

Due to patient demand, we have scheduled another walk-in flu clinic for Saturday 3rd November 2018. Children's flus will also be available on this day BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Upcoming flu clinics are as follows:

Saturday 13th October 2018
Saturday 3rd November 2018


Children's Flu Clinic

We have children's flu appointments available on Saturday 13th October and Saturday 3rd November. For more information on eligibility,. Times are 10-12

Flu Jabs - Updated

Don't be fooled by the warmer weather we've been having - it's now time to get your flu jab. Appointments commence from 14th September and can be booked now.

We will also be running three walk-in clinics. These will take place on:

15th September 2018 - 10-12
13th October 2018 - 10-12
3rd November 2018 - 10-12

The flu jab is recommended for:

People aged 65 or over
Pregnant women
People with diabetes
Adults classed as morbidly obese
People with a compromised immune system
People with

Extended Hours

From 1st September 2018, Mayflower Medical Centre will be open 8am - 8pm from Monday to Friday as part of a six month extended access trial.

Please note that the appointments from 6.30 - 8pm will be pre-book only.

Webinars for PPG Members

NHS England's primary care digital transformation team is holding a series of free webinars for PPG members about GP online services.

They will last between 60-90 minutes and the dates are:

Wednesday 29 August, 10am – 11am
Monday 17 September, 1pm – 2pm
Wednesday 24 October, 10am – 11am
Monday 29 November, 1pm – 2pm
Wednesday 19 December, 10am – 11am

You can register for these webinars.


PPG Meeting Dates

The dates for upcoming PPG meetings are as follows:

29th August 2018 - 5pm at the surgery
24th October 2018 - 5pm at the surgery

All members welcome. If black you would like to join the PPG, please email

Temporary Suspension

of Registrations

It is with regret that on Thursday 3rd May 2018, we made the decision that it was necessary to temporarily suspend registration of new patients to our practice list.

The reason that we have come to this decision is because the number of patients wishing to register with us at the Mayflower Medical Centre continues to increase. We feel that in order to ensure safety and maintain the high standard of care we offer patients who are already registered with us, we must take this decision.

Obviously we will continue to offer emergency (immediately necessary) treatment to patients when clinically required.

We will continue to register newborn babies to parents already registered with us and immediate family members living in the same household.

We will not be holding a waiting list.

NHS England and the Mayflower Medical Centre Patient Participation Group are aware of this.

The Partners

Ear Syringing

Effective immediately, Mayflower Medical Centre will no longer offer ear syringing. This decision has been taken in accordance with national guidelines stating that it is no longer recommended for GP practices to offer the service on a routine basis.

There are several self-care alternatives to ear syringing. Please contact a pharmacist to discuss the most suitable product for you or pick up a copy of our self care leaflet from reception. Please click on:  for further information. 

MJOG Messenger App

Mayflower Medical Centre is now using MJOG Messenger as one way in which we communicate with patients. The app is free to download and use and has a number of benefits to patients, including the ability to:

- Cancel appointments with one click
- Respond to patient surveys
- Provide feedback to the surgery

Download MJOG for Android
Download MJOG for Apple


If you require ongoing monthly prescriptions, please register for EMIS ACCESS. Register at:  (or request a form at reception) to obtain access to order your prescriptions, and check allergies and immunisations recorded from your home computer or mobile phone.

Once you have registered online for EMIS access, please leave 24 hours before coming into the surgery. You will need to attend the surgery between 10 am and 4pm and bring with you your identification - one photo ID and one letter or bank statement.

Please note that we do not register children under the age of 16 for online access.

Please be aware that our receptionists are unable to make appointments for patients who have sickness and diarrhoea. For information and advice, please go to .


If you feel that you do need to be seen by a nurse or a GP, please call and request a call back from the nurse to discuss.


Visiting your GP surgery can put others at risk, so it's best to call the surgery or 111 if you feel you need advice. 

When is my GP in practice?


We try to encourage patients to see the doctor with whom they are registered as we feel that this promotes continuity of care and a closer doctor-patient relationship. Please use the table below to see which days your GP is in the practice, and consider whether you are able to wait and see your own GP, if they are not currently available. If you are unsure whether your GP has changed or do not know who your GP is, please feel free to ask a receptionist.


Dr Mohamed Abu-Seido (M) - Works Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays

Dr Farman Ali (M) - Works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Dr Lorna Burn (F) - Works Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Dr Daniel Catmull (M) - Works Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Dr Steven Kalynuk (M) - Works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Dr Amy Roberts (F) - Works Monday, Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Dr Allan Smith (M) - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday/Thursday morning and Friday

Dr Drazena Susa (F) Works Tuesday & Wednesdays

Dr Kwabena Twumasi (M) - Works Monday, Wednesday & Friday



It is not a case of the receptionists being nosey!


The reception staff are members of the practice team and it has been agreed they should ask patients ‘why they need to be seen’.

Reception staff are trained to ask certain questions in order to ensure that you receive:

  • the most appropriate medical care,
  • from the most appropriate health professional,
  • at the most appropriate time.


Receptionists are asked to collect brief information from patients:

  1. To help doctors prioritise house visits and phone calls
  2. To ensure that all patients receive the appropriate level of care
  3. To direct patients to see the nurse or other health professional rather than a doctor where appropriate.

Reception staff, like all members of the team, are bound by confidentiality rules. Any information given by you is treated strictly confidentially.

The Practice would take any breach of confidentiality very seriously and deal with accordingly.

You can ask to speak to a receptionist in private away from reception.

However if you feel an issue is very private and do not wish to say what this is then this will be respected.

Thank you for your support.


North East Essex GP Network


The Partners at the Mayflower Medical Practice are pleased to announce that the Practice is now part of the North East Essex GP Network. The Network is a formal group of primary care practices located in the Colchester and Tendring area, who have come together to work collaboratively and become a stronger organisation.


By working together we aim to be able to maintain our individuality and keep our practices running in the way we know our patients appreciate. Whilst maintaining our own identities, we can also work at scale with the Network to reduce our costs and remain sustainable into the future, sharing resources in order to provide better and wider services for our patients.

By working together we can also benefit from potential changes within the NHS that will disadvantage smaller practices working on their own, therefore ensuring that our patients do not miss out.


We are ‘stronger together’

Further information can be found babies at the North East Essex GP Network website:

Friends & Family Results


If you require a Doctor when we are closed please telephone our usual number 01255 879400 so you can speak to the 111 service.


Our Mission Statement: We aim to provide high quality cost-effective patient centered healthcare in a responsive, supportive, courteous manner.


(Site updated 15/10/2018)

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