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Navy blue acrylic nails 2018

Date: 16.10.2018, 10:02 / View: 55272

Let's get ready for Back to School!

 Forest Hill Elementary School uniform policy remains the same for the 2018-2019 school year.  As required by the Mobile County Public School System, all students are expected to adhere to the uniform policy on a daily basis.  Students not wearing proper uniform attire will be subject to discipline measures.

Girls  & Boys Tops:

Shirts are grade specific. Kindergarten– 2nd grade will wear red shirts, 3rd & 4thwill wear light blue shirts and 5th grade will wear white shirts only. All shirts must have a collar. Uniform style; polo, button down, or turtleneck shirts will be permitted.  Forest Hill Elementary School PE or Character Club T-Shirts are acceptable on Friday's only!)  Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Plain navy blue sweatshirts can also be worn.  (No hooded sweatshirts allowed.  Shirts can not have a logo on the front.)

Boys Bottoms:

Navy uniform shorts or pants only!  (Blue jeans, sweat pants, cargo   pants, or stretch pants will not be permitted.)

Girls Bottoms:

Navy jumpers, navy pants, skorts, shorts or skirts.  All jumpers, skort or skirts are to be no more than three(3) inches above the knee.  (NO PLAID of any type can be worn.  NO NAVY DRESSES of any type can be worn.)


Plain solid white or solid black tennis shoes with white shoe strings only.  (No other shoes will be permitted.  No other colors will be permitted.  Shoes must be solid white or black with no large logo.)


Belts: blue

Black or brown belt with a small buckle.  Belts should be the appropriate size.


White crew or knee length socks only.  (All socks must be seen above the shoes.  "No Show" socks or footies will not be permitted.)


Navy coats, jackets or sweaters may be worn in the building.  (No hooded jackets or sweatshirts may be worn inside the building.)

Other Accessories:

Jewelry must be kept to a minimum for safety purposes.  Necklaces, if worn, should be small enough to be worn under the uniform shirt.  Only earrings with small post can be worn.  Hoop or dangling earrings are not permitted.

No cosmetics are allowed.  Please limit the length of acrylic nails for safety purposes.  Nail length should not inhibit the student from completing writing assignments or participating in gym class.

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