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Newshautelinks week of 3 21 13

Date: 15.10.2018, 07:59 / View: 43495

newshautelinks week of 3 21 13 Oscars excitement, Cher Horowitz meets Versace, boss babe tips from celebrity entrepreneurs, and more.

city bokeh - Hautelinks: Week of 3/1/18 - College Fashion


Snack like a star during the Oscars by making.

. Basically relevant to everyone.

Also great from The Cut,, a roundup of pieces on the subject.

!!! and I’m counting down the minutes until I can start playing. No shame.



Drooling over.

, in preparation for this Sunday’s ceremony.

And here’s who’s performing at the Oscars ceremony.

When was the last time you cleaned your earbuds?

Yasssss: and we don’t hate it.

And here’s.

I’ve always been insecure about this angle on me so I applaud this campaign!



Definitely trying.

, via Entrepreneur Mag.

A Twitter account exposes the way assistants are treated in the fashion industry, aka real-world Devil Wears Prada, from the. This is so juicy.

VERY cool:.

We’re all about decluttering here at CF, but.

, according to Harvard Professors.

Oooh, and we’re intrigued.

Louisiana readers, you need to check out! So cool.

Excited about. I love this idea!

The Create + Cultivate summit was this past week and.

An 81 Year Old Woman’s Perspective on Love, from Man Repeller.

Will you be picking up? I love the concept, none of the products appeal to me though.

are getting us super psyched for spring.

Which high fashion brand are you?.

Forever a fave!

Refinery29 you’ll be seeing all over Zara and Forever 21 in the months to come.

Preeeetty psyched for “Wreck It Ralph 2”. is great!

For those of you with big-girl jobs and 401Ks, here’s. I don’t have a 401K but index funds are all I use in my IRA!

And finally,.


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