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Orange & brown smokey eye makeup tutorial

Date: 28.10.2018, 01:42 / View: 93284

Makeup for green eyes looks should be focused on enhancing your eye color with the use of complementary eye shadows and eyeliners.

I’m going to give you the best makeup tips for green eyes and share some makeup ideas for green eyes that will emphasize their color. You’ll find specific makeup tutorials for green eyes with brown hair, red hair as well as blond hues, as I’ve experienced with hair color and adapted my makeup choices depending on the hues. Visit my YouTube Channel for more green eyes makeup videos and let me now which one you love the most.

Check out my recommendations or share with your friends or. You’ll find as well as gorgeous makeup looks for going out.

Learn how to do eye makeup for green eyes by evaluating the shade of green you posses. Be sure to assess the color of your eyes correctly, as different shades of jade, teal or olive greens tend to look better with distinct eye shadows or eyeliners.

Eye makeup for green eyes

Depending on the intensity of your green eyes shade, you should consider tones of purple, lilac, browns (soft or intense) peaches and creams (yellow-toned beige), gold, moss, taupe or camel.

Dark green eyes look especially nice with dark browns, bronze and moss, while the teal (also known as turquoise) shade looks best with anything from light to mid-range toned eye shadows.

Overpowering your natural eye color is easy with this last one, as it is with gray eyes – usually, a combination between light green and blue – so be sure to use soft browns, yellow-toned beiges, taupe and soft purples for your eye makeup (even when

you make use of gradients, like in smokey eyes looks).

There is, however, a color perfect for green eyes, that you can never go wrong with, even if you are unsure how to evaluate your natural shade – the complimentary color.

The color that complements green is the one that is opposite it on the color wheel and in this case, red. In makeup, however, we use correspondents like purple, violet, lilac, mauves, magenta or scarlet (orange-red) that contain more red pigment than others.

Makeup for green eyes

Purple eyeshadow makeup for green eyes

Great Eye Makeup Colors:

  • Beige
  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Camel
  • Peach
  • Purple/Lilac/Mauve

I recommend that you avoid shades of green similar to your natural eye color, because they can overpower your features and make your green eyes fade.

It would also be best to elude from any hues of blue that don’t contain red pigments (light and midnight blues are at the top of the list of colors to avoid if you have green eyes).

Silvers are also poor choices for your eye color, so if you like metallic eye shadows opt for bronze or champagne gold instead.

Unless you genuinely have a passion for black contour, it would also be a good idea to stick to brown and charcoal for eye definition and abstain from the use of black eyeliners.

Makeup for green eyes

Makeup with orange undertones

Popular Eyeliner Colors

If you have green eyes, even the smallest amount of the right color in your makeup will make a huge difference in your look. That being said, you should familiarize yourself with the use of eyeliner colors that are suited for green eyes.

To enhance your color, go for different shades of brown, gold, bronze or beige. To stir things up, always go for a mauve eyeliner or a charcoal one.

Makeup ideas for green eyes

Don’t let the fear of implementing color in your look make you assess makeup looks for green eyes protruding or prominent. You can easily adapt to the occasion and go from a daytime look to an evening function according to your taste if you follow some of these makeup tips for green eyes.

Choose an easy, versatile look by enhancing your vivid eye color with the complementary shades for green eyes – mauve or purples. However, avoid eye shadows with red and purple undertones if you have redness around your eyes, as these colors will make you look tired.

Makeup for green eyes

Blue eye shadows look

Stick to neutral, browns, taupes or yellow, since green eyes usually have lighter flecks in them anyway. You can go for ivory, champagne or yellow-toned beiges as base shadows applied on the entire lid and place darker shades like chocolate browns or taupes in the crease, according to your eye shape:

Wide-Set Eyes: To bring the eyes closer together, place a dark color on the inside inner corner of the eye.

Deep-Set Eyes: to bring them out, place a lighter-color shadow on the upper lids. Use medium colors in the eye crease, and not dark colors in the crease. Less is more with this eye shape.

Large Eyes: To make the eye appear smaller, use dark colors on the eyelid and eye crease.

Round Eyes: Place your eye-shadow color on the eyelid, blending up at the outside corners.

You can also place a dark color on the outer top corner.

Small Eyes: To give the illusion of a larger eye, use a light color on the eyelid, and medium color in the eye crease. Again, less is more.

When choosing makeup for evening function, you could use darker colors like violet, purple, gold or cooper. Since your goal is to enhance and dramatize your eyes rather than tone them down, it’s crucial to use the shades that will not compete with the green color of your eyes.

Golds blend beautifully with cooper colors, so make sure you use a darker brown eyeliner to contour and add orange & brown smokey eye makeup tutorial depth to your look.

Statement looks for green eyes include colored smokey eyes with purples or browns or combination palletes that resemble autumn leafs. Experiment with gold, orange, green and cooper.

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