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Retro white dress photo

Date: 15.10.2018, 06:07 / View: 45594

retro white dress photo As of recently, Rago has discontinued garters and garter tabs on all items with legs – long leg girdles, all-in-one thigh shapers, etc. This does not apply to control briefs – any that had garters will still have garters. Of course open bottom girdles will still have garters, as will those waist cinchers, garter belts and body briefers (such as the Lacette shown below) that have had garters all along.

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After 15 years, Patricia and I have decided to close shop at the end of the year. There are many factors that went into this decision, but to keep it simple, it is very difficult keeping a small business afloat when competing against much larger companies, including Amazon. We will be taking orders until at least the end of October -as time gets closer we’ll let you know exactly when. We just wanted to give you a heads-up if you were planning to order at some point. There is still plenty of time, but it is fleeting. We’d love to thank all of our long-time customers who have basically kept us running for these many years. Your loyalty is ever so appreciated.
Shown: one our first photos from 2004. Patrica modeling a bra (edited out).

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I didn’t realize it’s been three months since we did a blog post here. We’ve been busy and the summer is flying by. Anyway, we’re still here, and of course Brabarella too.

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May has been a beautiful month so far. We spent much of the last couple of days outside. The rain hasn’t dampened our spirits at all. Our young plants and newly planted seeds could use a steady soaking. It’s a nice day to stay inside, listen to the rain, and read a good book.

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We are giving Tumblr another go. While our last go-around went pretty well in terms of popularity (5000 followers) and  generating  sales, inappropriate comments, men trying to find out personal information, men asking us to send them more revealing photos, men with gross avatars, etc., was a real turnoff and led us to shut it down. We’ll try again. We appreciate nice comments and encourage them. Remember too, when you share a post, leave the credits please.

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Today was the first really nice weekend day this year. We finally got outside and did some garden cleanup. There is a lot yet to do. We also planted some ferns, hostas, rhubarb, thistle, and two grape shrubs. As for the photo – another vintage nightie that will be listed at some point soon.

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Yesterday was foggy with showers but it had a spring feel to it – finally. March has been an awful month weather-wise.
Shown:. It goes up to a size 6X/42.  It has six straps with metal hardware and is actually a cross between a girdle and a garter belt. Some refer to these as girdlettes. It provides  some shaping, and your stockings won’t go anywhere.

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Hope everyone had a fun-filled and festive Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s been a cold but sunny weekend here. We have power though, so no complaints!

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Well, we lost power for 28 hours this time. It just came on. About half the Cape is still dark. We managed to survive on candles, trips to the nearby hospital dining room, and some Manhattans to keep us warm. The clanging of our steam radiators sounds comforting for once.

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Another winter storm is headed this way tonight. We’re supposed to get anywhere from 6-18″. We’ll see. The last nor’easter produced all rain and winds as high as 93 mph. Along with the snow, this latest storm could have winds up to 60 mph. At least we had a mild Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here on Cape Cod.

Shown – preview – vintage 60’s psychedelic tunic/mini dress.

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