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Skechers dress shoes 2018

Date: 28.10.2018, 03:35 / View: 93293

As the skechers semi-proud owner of 3 pairs of Skecher shoes, 2 casual and one dress pair, I have a terrible admission to make. My shoes stink!!!

All the shoes are comfortable right off the bat, enoug width for my size 13 EE duck feet. Never any break-in period, they have all been good to go out of the box.

The trouble for me starts about 5-6 months after I start wearing them. The foam cushion in the shoes really seems to hit a critical mass with sweat, especially if they get wet. The smell, even after days of not wearing them and then putting ’em back on, is simply intolerable after am hour. I can almost feel the stench, it’s so pervasive. It eminates from my shoes as I am sitting at my desk, wafting from below the chair, curling around me, encircling my work station like a living, breathing foul dragon. The smell assaults my senses, no doubt doing a number on anyone coming close. I feel for my coworkers, and have had to stop wearing them, for my sanity and the safety of my colleagues.

Skechers, please, please use different materials. Switch to a closed cell foam or a leather sock liner, anything really, that doesn’t absorb the sweat and other elements that contribute to the reek.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the shoes, I just can’t take the smell, as I am sure those around can’t either.

Who else has this trouble?

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