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The best necklaces trendy 2018

Date: 27.10.2018, 23:37 / View: 52173

DIY washer necklaces | Small for Big

These necklaces are the bomb. Simple and trendy fun to make, plus they are completely wearable. My daughter made these obsessively for about a week. She then sold them at a fair and now her friends are all walking around wearing them at school! My little entrepreneur.


Washers from hardware store, ranging in size 1.5” to 2” diameter. I picked heavier ones made from stainless steel.


Yarn, baker’s twine or suede rope. I got my suede and yarn at Michael’s, but you can also try Walmart or Target. The baker’s twine is from. I cut about a yard for each necklace.

Beads. All of our beads are from Michael’s, but again…you can try Walmart or Target. We uses small, and then larger  and.

Sewing needles. We used the larger size tapestry needles, and one size down from that. If you get a you will have choices.

How to:

Start by painting the washers. My daughter did most of these (she’s thirteen), but I tried some, too. I found that it was better to really the best necklaces trendy 2018 go heavy with the polish. You almost have to pour it on (but don’t) and then spread it out with the brush. We only painted the top and tried not to let it run off the sides.

After the washers are dry, it’s time to string and bead them. This is where you can get really creative. The possibilities are endless!

The hardest part is getting the string through the needle. Beyond that, these really are very easy to make. I have been wearing my teal one with the suede rope and it looks like something I bought at Anthropologie! Except it cost about two dollars…love it.

This is an excellent summer craft to do with your older kids. And they also make lovely teacher gifts!

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