The Hunger Games: Training

The Hunger Games Workout

Mar 22, 2012

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've no doubt heard the buzz surrounding the new movieThe Hunger Games, based on the mega hit book series by Suzanne Collins. To help satiate the obsession of countless fans, New York Sports Clubs has created The Hunger Games workout—free for members and non-members alike. And if one thing's clear, to survive in the Arena—or this intense class—your chances are substantially better if you’re in good shape. Here's what we found when we went to check it out.

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The 45-minute cardio/strength class is filled with insider references to the pop culture phenomenon, whether it’s pounding out Capitol Crunches (sit-ups with a weighted plate) or speeding through a set of Jabberjay Jacks (doing jumping jacks with crossed legs).
The class is essentially circuit training with a twist: Each class member is assigned a “District” and a podium, and kicks off the workout with a sprint to the Cornucopia, a.k.a. a pile of necessary equipment heaped in the center of the room. Once you’ve got your materials—including a real bow (but no arrows), weights, towel, and a mat—it’s off to the races for a series of exercises designed to increase speed, strength, and agility.

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Participants compete against each other to see who can complete the most circuits in the given time, but listen up for an announcement from the Gamemakers, who periodically interrupt with “disasters” like an approaching fire (necessitating 30 seconds of “Fox Face Quick Feet”), Tracker Jacker attacks (bear crawls) and mutant dog attacks (mountain climbers). Whoever completes the most rounds of the circuits is declared the winner of the Hunger Games Workout. It’s a fun, fast-paced experience that’ll help whip you into shape, whether you’re a devoted follower of the series or couldn’t care less if Katniss picks Peeta or Gale.

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The Hunger Games Workout
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Watch The Hunger Games Workout video
Watch The Hunger Games Workout video

Communication on this topic: The Hunger Games Workout, the-hunger-games-workout/
Communication on this topic: The Hunger Games Workout, the-hunger-games-workout/ , the-hunger-games-workout/

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