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Ysl wildly gold holiday 2018 makeup collection

Date: 27.10.2018, 06:57 / View: 33151

Oh, Pink Sugar....what to write about you....

I'll start by first saying Pink Sugar caught my attention long ago, although for a long time I didn't know it. I was young and ysl wildly gold holiday 2018 makeup collection my oldest cousin who is 4 yrs older than me had started wearing perfume. I was at her house one day when I was little and in this basket on the counter had this cute pink ribbon bottle and I thought ooooh pink what is this. I snuck a smell..."Mmmm", I thought to myself. But I didn't want her to know I touched it so I put it right back.

Years later my cousin, moved out into her own apt, loves yoga and health and burns patchoulli incense in her apt which isn't my favorite way to scent the room but to each their own! She's a staunch critic nowadays of makeup, perfume, and the works of lifestyle (her own). I used her restroom, and low and behold....on the counter, hidden in a little basket...PINK SUGAR!!! Lol!!! I caught her weakness!

Honestly, for a staunch critic of lifestyles...Pink Sugar?!?!? I really giggle to myself on that one and I'll say why.

Everyone is right, Pink Sugar is for the sweet toothes out there. It's a bottle of weaknesses. Sugar, caramel, a little something you can't put your finger on...cotton candy? A different candy? Fruit? To me, it's all in that LICORICE. I won't go into another story on licorice but I will say the licorice I only noticed when i read what notes are in this fragrance. And to me, the licorice anchors this fragrance into the classic that still intrigues so many. I think others call it the burnt licorice or plastic smell, but to me, it's the grounding part of this fragrance that keeps it from being that crazy over the top sweet/strawberry/cotton candy smell holiday you feel you should be wearing in middle school, or the "Cupcake Frosting" body mist you actually bought during middle school.....who, me? never...Lol!

There's nothing innocent here. This fragrance packs a punch and wants everyone to know it! One more tiny familial detail. My mom really dislikes gourmand scented anything...candles, perfumes, you name it. However......I walked in the room and she said "What smells so GOOD?" And I said..."Ah, it's the Pink Sugar magic" the rest is is history and she loves it.

I will say, for me, Pink Sugar does have its time and place. I wouldn't wear this to an occassion where I don't want to draw more attention to myself, especially an inappropriate situation. (I'm thinking a funeral service, because this is a smell that will interrupt any introspective thought and sometimes that's just not appropriate in my opinion).

Long story short it is a fun-loving fragrance and almost any time you need a lift, this is so nice.

Long lasting, heavy sillage. Everyone needs a smell LIKE this (if you don't like Pink Sugar ;))


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